Vladimir Miletić   

Gradute of University of Belgrade’s School of Medicine, generation of 2010. 
From 2009 to 2014 he attended the basic and graduate course in constructivist psychotherapy and counselling.
In 2008 he attended Amsterdam’s VU University lectures
  Working Experience
2013 - Psychotherapist
2012 – 2013 InVentiv Health Clinical
2012 General Practice, Zemun Clinic, Belgrade
2010 – 2012 Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade
  Professional Interests
Individual and group psychotherapy
Constructivist theory of psychotic and borderline states
Nonverbal construing
  Associations’ Membership
Serbian Constructivist Association
Serbian Medical Chamber
Association for Mental Health promotion
World Suicidology Network
  Selected Publications

Miletic V, Milenkovic A (2015). Handbook of LGBT Psychotherapy. Belgrade: UMZ. [Book in Serbian]Lukovic Adzic J, Miletic V, Ratkovic N, Aleksic D, Grgurevic A. Self-Medication Practices among Belgrade University Medical Students. PlosOne 2014 [Accepted for publication in Sep 2014]


Miletic V, Lukovic Adzic J, Ratkovic N, Aleksic D, Grgurevic A. Demographic risk factors for suicide and depression among Serbian medical school student. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiology. 2014 Sep 10 Pejovic Milovancevic M, Tenjovic L, Ispanovic V|, Mitkovic M, Mincic T, Kircanski Radosavljev J, Miletic V,

Tosevski Lecic D. Psychopathology and resilience in relation to abuse in childhood among youth first referred to psychiatrist. Vojnosanitet Pregl. 2014 [Accepted for publication]
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Pejovic-Milovancevic M, Miletic V, Popovic-Deusic S, Draganic-Gajic S, Lecic-Tosevski D, Marotic V. Psychotropic Medication Use in Children and Adolescents in an Inpatient Setting. Psychiatrike. 2011 Oct-Dec; 22(4):314-9.
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