Peter Cummins                         

He graduated in Psychology in 1973 from the National University of Ireland (University College, Dublin).
He gained an M.A. in Organisational Psychology from the University of Lancaster in 1974. He trained in Clinical Psychology at the Crichton Royal Hospital in Dumfries from 1974 to 1976. He first encountered Personal Construct Psychology in action at the Crichton Royal, under supervision from Miller Mair. He went on to work at Bexley Hospital where he was the last person appointed by Don Bannister before Don moved back to his home territory of Yorkshire. He stayed in the Bexley Psychology Service until 1992.
He then became head of Psychological Services in Maidstone , Kent before moving to his present position in 1995. hile at Bexley he did a two year psychodrama course at the then Polytechnic of Central London with Joel Badaines and Martha Ginsburg. He went on to complete the Centre for Personal Construct Psychology training in Therapy and Counselling. He was awarded his diploma in 1988. He has presented papers at many of the recent International conferences on Personal Construct Psychology, most recently specialising in the treatment of anger.
  Working Experience
Peter Cummins is Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Adult Psychological Services for Coventry Primary Care Trust. He is also an honorary Teaching Fellow at Coventry University.
  Professional Interests
Psychology of personal constructs, anger management.
Adult Psychotheraphy
  Associations’ Membership
British Psychological Society (BPS)
European Personal Construct Association (EPCA)
Serbian Constructivist Association (SCA)
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