CONSTRUCTIVE LIVING – development, choice and change in adult life

25th & 26th April 2009

Our workshop will explore the choices, changes and dilemmas posed by the different ages and stages of adult life.

How do our stories change over time, and what possibilities and constraints are likely at different times of life?

We will focus on 3 areas of life –

– family and personal relationships

– work, career and professional life

– personal identity and ‘aloneness’

We will explore ideas from developmental psychologists and constructivist thinkers, including Erik Erikson, George Kelly and Phillida Salmon, as well as working with our own personal and professional experiences of living and changing through time.

The workshop will also give an opportunity to ask what it might mean to ‘live’ constructively, rather than simply appreciating the ideas of constructivism. And we will be asking how the creative potential of Kelly’s ‘constructive alternativism’ and ‘person-as-scientist’ model differ from other psychological approaches in terms of how we might most fully live our lives?