This two day workshop will explore how therapists might engage young people in Personal Construct Therapy. There will be the opportunity to use some case work examples of therapy with children and young people and to try out some of the techniques.


Heather has been working with young people and their families for the past 40 years. She was first residential social worker and then a teacher in a special school. Next she trained as an educational psychologist and worked in schools.Heather did the PCP advanced course in London and was determined to find a chance to do more therapy in her job. She trained as a clinical psychologist and has worked in the UK National Health Service for nearly 22 years. Heather has always had a strong professional interest in young people with longer term difficulties in their relationships, many of whom have attachment problems and/or autism/ADHD.

Outside work, Heather’s life experiences have included fostering children with very difficult emotional and behavioural problems and parenting four adopted children with various strengths and difficulties. Although it was not intentional, these experiences have been really useful to her as a psychologist.