ANGER MANAGEMENT: WORKSHOP REPORT This year we were honoured to host Peter Cummins and Dina Pekkala, clinical psychologists who worked for decades in Coventry (UK) with people who had problems with anger. PREPARING TO START: DINA, PETER & STUDENTSOn the first day of the workshop, 13th October, we talked about stereotypes of anger, assessment and levels of intervention. We discussed the difference between anger management and anger therapy. Using many examples from the practice, lecturers pointed to the advantages of using PCP techniques (such as ABC, Laddering, Systemic Bowtie, etc.) and theoretical approach to anger (as an emotional expression of invalidation). They presented their ten-week program of group anger therapy and pointed to benefits of group work when dealing with anger. On the second day, 14th October, we practiced the Genogram with buttons, technique they used to introduce at the third group session in order to explore family dynamics. Afterwards we split into “female” and “male” groups and tried to increase sociality, i.e. to assume the ways another group usually express anger, which is one of the important goals in anger therapy.

Another important topic that we have discussed was theimportance of self-esteem increase and capacity to forgive development. At the end, the lecturers showed us how they evaluated their ten-week program, so we could understand how clinically significant effects it produced.

All the participants agreed that the workshop was very interesting and useful, since many examples from clinical practice were provided and since we had opportunity to practice different PCP techniques in groups or pairs.