Experienc es and Innovations in Constructivist Teaching

The third ECTN teachers meeting took place in P adua Italy on 7th & 8th May 2012

The first day was led by the Italian learner-teachers’ group – Laura Balzani, Federica Sandi, Carlo Guerra, Chiara Lui, and Giovanni Stella. The focus was on our self-development as teachers: TEACHER: NOSCE TE IPSUM!

The group led us through a range of exercise reflecting on our teaching styles and experiences, and sharing these through metaphor, paired activities and conversations. It was a fascinating exploration of our similarities and and differences and left us all with many useful questions and potential directions to explore.

The second day included a presentation from Dusan Stojnov of his ideas on the future of constructivist education, and a presentation by Peter Cummins of a new PCP course based on distance learning being planned in the UK. Various possibilities for future collaboration were considered, and the group agreed to develop online resources for students and teachers which should be available by autumn 2012.

This was the first ECTN meeting for Clare Morris who writes: It was a unique and valuable opportunity to s ta nd ba ck a nd cons ider how I cons true my role as a teacher, and to ela bora te this through listening to and sharing with other members of the network. I really appreciated all the hard work in preparing an excellent first day, and feel all the richer for coming to know our italian and serbian colleagues in a small group over two days. Not least it was a fantastic welcome and privileged glimpse of life in Padua. I have come away with plenty of food for thought and look forward to reconnecting at the EPCA conference in Dublin next month.