From June 29 to July 1, in a beautiful ambience of Trinity College in Dublin, the 11th Biennial Conference of European Personal Construct Association “Raising constructivist voices: anticipating 21st century” was held. There were more than 150 participants coming from various parts of the world, united in endeavour to share and spread constructivist ideas and examples of good practices.

Beside Remembering Fay Fransella and Miller Mair, and plenary session of Ciaran Benson on neurocultural approach to psychology of art, the highlights of the conference were workshop on qualitative grids, by Harry Procter and workshop on working with emotions, by Peter Cummins, as well as symposia on problems and prospects of personal construct coaching. Diverse papers on application of PCP in psychotherapy, organizational and school context, and field of art were presented. Participant were introduced with models of teaching constructivism in Great Britain, Italy and Serbia, as well as status of PCP in countries like Czech Republic and Israeli, where Kelly’s theory was not recognized to such an extent. At the end of the conference it was announced that next Biennial conference will be organized 2014 in Czech Republic