Miller Mair

(1937 - 2011)

We were deeply saddened by the news of the unexpected passing of Miller Mair on June 9 2011.


Miller Mair was one of the leading experts in the field of personal construct psychology. His prolific work and fifty-year experience in psychology, with a special interest in personal construct psychology, have greatly contributed to the development of theory and practice of this modality in Europe. He was a founder member and first chairperson of the Psychology and Psychotherapy Association. In 1988, he was chairperson of the Psychotherapy Section of The British Psychological Society. He authored many publications, including the renowned book Between Psychology and Psychotherapy: A Poetics of Experience.


Most of Miller Mair’s work is dedicated to the narrative approach to Personal Construct Psychology. Following a brief leave from the world of academic psychology, we were very pleased to have Miller Mair accept our invitation and give a plenary session titled Searching to Understand: On Being a Psychologist in a Changing World, at the 10th EPCA Conference on Personal Construct Psychology, held in Belgrade from April 9 to 12 2011.


Miller Mair’s death is a great loss for personal construct psychology. The Serbian Constructivist Association gives our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.