In the premises of Serbian Constructivist Association, during May and June, took place a course customized for the lawyers working in YUCOM. Although experienced as lawyers, the lack of experience in the field of facilitative professions such as psychology, psychotherapy or counselling, leads to the threatening experiences with persons deployed from human rights whose expectations do not end in the field of law, but frequently are extended in the field of psychological needs. These expectations frequently lead to the feelings of guilt and stress and often pave the road to burnout process. The lawyers employed in YUCOM have participated in a series of trainings helping them to have a better grasp on psychological skills highlighting the problems and prospects of relationship between them and their clients who are deployed of human rights (i.e. acquired helplessness, unrecognized needs, focused dependencies, anxiety, guilt etc.)

SCA has customized the training which has helped lawyers from YUCOM to become equipped with the notions and entities they are dealing with. The most precious gain from the education in their opinion is the acquisition of competences in self care; role defining; delegation of duties and responsibilities and guilt control above all. The opportunities which have emerged is the possibility to be more efficient and have the same quality and standard of work but now backed-up with skills of preventing the burnout syndrome.

The program was lead in the creative and lively atmosphere.