Winter School


Location: Alpine house “Stella Battistella Moccia”, via Foloin 23, 32010 Pecol di Zoldo (BL).

Pecol di Zoldo (1350 m a.s.l.) is a small village located near Belluno, in the Dolomites region (UNESCO heritage site). The village is situated in a valley between Pelmo and Civetta mountains. More information about Pecol di Zoldo:

Alpine house “Stella Battistella Moccia” is organised with:

1 Single room (attic) 3 Double rooms 1 Triple room (attic) 3 Rooms for 4 people (bunk beds) 3 Rooms for 6 people (bunk beds) (4 communal bathrooms on the first floor and 4 on the second floor) Plus: 1 Industrial kitchen with a food storage room 1 Dining room for 40 people 1 BIg multipurpose room for various activities TV with DVD and VHS player

Other possible accomodations might be the hotels nearby, for example: Valgranda Hotel (70 € per night): Sporting Hotel (55 € per night): Garnì Hotel (30 € per night): Venue:

Pecol di Zoldo is located around 130km from Venice Airport. In order to reach the Winter School location it is possible to take the train from Venice Airport to Longarone and then the bus from there to Pecol di Zoldo. Alternatively, it is possible to rent a private van from Venice Airport and reach Pecol di Zoldo in 1 hour and 45 minutes. (We could think of a transfer service for the international participants who arrive with the plane).

What’s new?

The 2015 edition of the Winter School is going to be a residential experience where students and teachers share not only formative moments, but also other everyday activities.

n the Alpine house the activities are self-organized and the staff is not included, therefore all the Winter School participants are invited to contribute in the house managing and cleaning. We are also going toorganize different international cooking groups.

Mornings and evenings will generally be dedicated to the formative and training activities. International students and teachers will be invited to share their experiences and interests during a variety of lessons, workshop, practical learning experiences, open space technology and international supervision. All participants, students and teachers, are invited to present their propositions within the 31st of October.

Afternoons will generally be dedicated to leisure and sport activities.

When? 5-8 February 2015 Who is it for?

The Winter school is targeted to all the PCP professionals (teachers, students, clinicians and researchers) interested in exchanging ideas and experiences on PCP theories and practices.


4 February 2015: Accomodation in the house (or in the hotel) and dinner at 8.00 pm.

5 and 7 February 2015: 9.30 – 13.30: Formative Activities 14.00: Lunch 15.00: Sport and relax 20.00: Dinner 21.00: Other student-led activities 6 February 2015: 9.00 – 13.30: Opportunity for hiking, skying, sledging or other leiusure or relaxing activities 14.00: Lunch 15.00 – 19.00: Formative Activities 20.00: Dinner 21.00: Other student-led activities

8 February 2015: Departures (Sunday lunch is included for those who want to leave in the afternoon)

Leisure activities:

From Pecol di Zoldo a sky lift gives access to the „Civetta“ district, which includes about 80 km of sky runs. Several itineraries for hiking and snow rackets can also be found in the surrounding area. At Pala Favera (10 minutes by car) it is possible to practice other winter sports, like sledging and cross country skiing. It is also possible to visit Alleghe, a nice village nearby, known for its beautiful lake and the ice rink. For those who prefer more relaxing activites, it is possible to enjoy the SPA treatments at the Valgranda Hotel (2 minutes from the Winter School house).


The registration fee is of 170 euros per person. This includes the accommodation in the house in shared rooms, all meals and all the learning activities. For those who are going to stay at the hotels the registration fee is of 100 euros and includes all meals and all the learning activities.

Available places: 40.