Union of the Serbian Psychotherapist Associations' Congress

On the Union’s congress, our constructivist colleagues participated as well. It was a great opportunity for our colleagues to share knowledge, skills and experiences. It was also a great opportunity for others to hear more about constructivist meta-theory and therapist approach. Presentations about constructivism were noticed and well visited. Milan Damjanac held a workshop „The story about the self from the point of fear and future wanted and unwanted self“, through which he showed the basics of the constructivist approach, our understanding of guilt and threat, as well as how to approach the client with the idea of the choice between two alternatives of constructs. Besides that, Damjanac held two verbal presentations: „Identity from the PCP’s point of view“, through which he showed the ideas of the fundamental postulate, life and core role and the metaphor of the man the scientist; And „The relations between freedom, loneliness and psychotherapy“, on which he spoke about the challenges of psychotherapy today, as well as the constructivist position in the form of understanding personal responsibility and the potential of change.

Slađana Živković held a verbal presentation on the subject „Therapy by touch in constructivist psychotherapy – more freedom or the crush of the worlds?“ in which she spoke about the possibilities and the obstacles of the integration of the constructivist approach and the Rosen method. We truly hope that, in the future, we’ll show more of our interesting ideas to our colleagues of other therapist approaches and humanities students.